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Last deviation udate: 2010. Oh well. And now, Duskyra uploads again! Wait who? Dreams about fluffy gryphons for those that still remember. (Though the chances are pretty low from a realistic point of view)

Now then, it's not like I stopped drawing altogether, there's just nothing that would make me feel I WASN'T ON DA FOR SO LONG LET'S GO UPLOAD THIS RIGHT NAU... So what I'm here for then? Cleaned my gallery a bit, just left there a few of the "most recent" pics, and as you can tell from my comeback deviation of a sort, I have a few ceramics/pottery pieces I'd like to put up. Especially those owls. Everybody loves owls, right? Right? And I still have some unfinished digital drawings I'd like complete somewhere on my HD, but not giving these a big chance to appear any soon. Just expect some clay stuff if something pops up.

Will I bail out again before starting to upload regularly? Will my ambitions to finish the drawings I started years ago be fulfilled? We'll see.

PS: And thanks for the few watches/favs through my nonexistence here, I still cleaned my messages once in a while~


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Nippon-Okami Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2011  Student Filmographer
Art trade xD?
duskyra Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
umm I'm sorry but no. :( Sadly, I don't really draw lately...
Cornelia26 Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Krásna tvorba :love:
duskyra Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
ďakujem~ aj keď v poslednom čase sa bohužiaľ nejako nečiním ;;
evina-279 Featured By Owner May 8, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
yo, asi si ma nepametas, ale ja si pametam tvojho 'Itachiho' co mam vo vytrine :D (different name *cough*finallynormalone*cough* because I changed accounts, mail, everything--- xD)
eeto, just stopping by (at 1AM...), I am sorry if your phone rang, because I am rewriting my phone contacts list right now aaand I kind of accidently dialed your number ^^; gomen if it rang at this hour! ><
oh, by the way since I am here - remember trying to get me into KHR fandom? you can praise yourself, you succeeded. well, it was delayed by year or something, BUT you succeeded. :D -iz a KHR freak now-
(dude, I even cosplayed Hibari :'D and teh most important part-----I sewed, made tonfas, everything D: dfkdjfk I even sewed Hibird 8'3 (*cough*wellwithfriendshelp*cough*))

hope to see ya someday again..? ^^

ps.: Itachiho odprasujem pravidelne (*COUGH*) AND he is still in ONE piece...~ 8'D

- to divne decko 'Eva' z keramiky
duskyra Featured By Owner May 16, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
ale pamataaaaam :D:D:D aj ked... neviem ci by som ta spoznala keby som ta teraz niekde videla XD

eeeeh that's OK~ aj tak mam len vibracie zapnute a to by som klamala keby som hovorila ze o takom case uz vzdy spim :D:D a aj tak som to zistila az neskor XD

YESSSSSS MWHAHAHAHA *evil laugh* BETTER LATER THAN NEVER :D:D TAK A TERAZ- na rade je Toaru Majutsu no Index a Ao no Exorcist, šupšup okamžite stahovat >:3 XD

jeeezis to som ta mozno aj na dakom cone videla :D:D kedy to bolo? :D
a sakra ja toho mam tiez tolko co cem cosplayovat, ale nikdy sa neviem do toho dokopat/neni cas/ *insert random excuse* a fakt, ze tie postavy maju casto bazooku/kosu/brnenie/moc som toho teda este nenasila tomu nepridava na jednoduchosti T_T

hope to see ya someday again..? ^^ ----> DOJDI NA KERAMIKUUUUUU! :D:D:D stvrtok o pol piatej :D:D:D mozno aj skor tam budem... a... aj Facebook mi mozes dat ked sa tu uz ozyvas :D ja som momentalne Duskyra Fufkofil Biribiri XD

oh glad he's still alive :D and yeah... should probably stop writing cuz the length of this comment is...well long ´・ω・`
evina-279 Featured By Owner May 16, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
uprimne? myslim ze ani ja teba by som nespoznala xD

cize ono to fakt zvonilo(vybrovalo... xD)? °A°" gomen~ ^^;
a to som rada ze nepatris medzi tie denne tvory ktore doteraz neviem pochopit :D:D

Ao no Exorcist ---- pfft, seen 1st ep when it was still only RAW/unsubbed B]
and I'll look into the other one when I'll have time :3 (is it at least as good as Ao no Exorcist? or? xD)

mozne to je :D eeto---CS 2010 a AS 2011? xD kamoska(/y) ma dokopala ist aj tento rok a vyzerato ze som este neskoncila.... :XD:

stvrtky mam skolu do 15:05 a japoncina mi zacina o 18:30 (na metodke) ...... jasne v pohode stiiiiham :D:D:D a keby som uz dosla tak aspon by som mala sebrat fotak nech sa mam na co jurajovi(?) vyhovorit :XD:

is there a comment limit..? 8D noo, it's not that long..... just 'a little bit' above the average... :D:D:D
duskyra Featured By Owner May 19, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
eeeh don't sweat it, as I already said I didn't even notice that XD (nothing new, unfortunately)

I'm watching raws for it very week XD Rin's tail~ :3 actually, my raw-watching started with Durarara and Angel Beats, and sometimes it's fun when they're using complicated sentences and you just stare and... look at the nice animation XDXD

yeaaaah and about that Majutsu Index- well it's not your mainstream shounen, it's adapted from a light novel, has...more girls I guess but somehow I love it. Espers and magic together, I like stuff like that :3

eeeeh, myslim ze Jurajovi sa nemusis vyhovarat, proste pridi, pripadne mu daj niake to euro aby to nevyzeralo zle XD a nieco vymodeluj XDXD a pockat... zase raz mi nedochadza, s cim suvisi ten fotak... ah nevermind.
KiaRaicoh Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2010
[link] :D

This is your ShinXChange
muse4ever Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2009
Yeaw, I´m such an awful creature, but anyway: [link]
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